1. POSITION: Expert, with the expertise in designing visually appealing and navigation friendly web sites as well as in web development technologies and design tools
  2. PLACE: Bosnia and Herzegovina
  3. PROJECT REFERENCE: Free Media for Free Society  Project,  Contract No: 2018/400 -875
  4. PROJECT DURATION: 3 October 2018 to 3 October 2021
  5. TASK DURATION: Duration of the engagement of the Expert is planned for a period of a total of 50 days in the period October – middle December 2020.


BH Journalists Association (BHJA) is non-profit and non-political organization from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mission of the BHJA is to affiliate journalists and other media employees with the aim to protect their professional and human rights, preserve profession’s dignity and freedom of public word, as well as to create democratic environment for the media work. BHJA key goals are: a) protecting and improving the freedom, rights and professional responsibilities of journalists as well as protecting the reputation and dignity of the journalism profession; b) improving the constitutional rights of citizen in BiH to be informed in an ethical, fair, objective and balanced manner on matters of public interest. The BHJA currently has app. 700 members from all types of media (print, radio, TV, news agencies, on-line media, and blogs), coming from all part of BiH. The BHJA main activates and values are: 1) BHJA provide different service in space of protection of freedom of expression and media independency. Through Free Media Help Line service (FMHL) it offers a free-of-charge legal and professional assistance for the protection of 200 journalists and 60 media in BiH. (2) Organizing interactive and tailored thematic education trough in house trainings, Journalist´s Academy, workshops and seminars in order to develop and improve the knowledge and skills of journalists and students in journalism´s area.  Approximately, 1000 journalists, editors and journalism students have benefitted from BHJA educational programs per years activities. (3) The BHJA provides 6 different discounts and services for its members such as: international press cards, discounts for bus transportation, railroad transportation with two railway companies…(4) The BHJA played an active role in drafting, passing and implementation of laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the work of journalists and the media in the country. (5) Socially important capital of BHJA is a strong public promotion of activities, advocacy of freedom of expression and quality journalism and lobby activity in the direction of creating a democratic media landscape. Annually, BHJA organizes 50 public events, more promotional and street actions, which were presented into 600 different media reports news, reports and interviews.


BH Journalists Association (BHJA) and the Association of Electronic Media in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AEM BIH) want to draw attention to political, financial and institutional pressures on the media, which have resulted in a serious violation of the right to freedom of information in local communities. Censorship, pressures, illegal appointments, violations of professional and social rights of media professionals – are only part of existing political strategies and skilled manipulations to local media with negative consequences on the quality and objectivity of media in local communities. Such behaviors are in direct contradiction to EU standards concerning the work of the media in the public interest and on the well-being of all citizens in the community. Journalists and editors of local media are not strong enough to suppress these trends themselves, and legislation is widely set and does not guarantee the prevention of political and other influences on the work of local media. Because of this, BHJA and AEM want to bring together the local media community across BiH with the financial support of the EU and network them into a strong professional group that will: analyze the existing legal framework and propose new standards of fair, objective and diverse information in local communities; to strengthen investigative journalism in local media and to increase the links between journalists throughout BiH and to improve the quality and diversity of media content through the formation of production teams, exchange and publication of research stories in local media.

Specific objectives of the project:

  • SO 1 To support media associations to establish a Media Interactive Exchange Hub as a tool for a joint professional exchange as well as for advocacy against endangered journalists’ independence and integrity BiH and as a tool for dissemination of education and trainings re: EU standards in the field of media freedoms and reporting
  • SO 2 To provide Training and Professional Expertise to the Core of Journalists and Editors in local media in order to improve professional journalistic standard and to develop qualitative and trustworthy investigative stories for benefit of their audience Training for CSOs on media literacy;
  • SO3 To support stronger networking among media and CSOs by building a Media Content Laboratory that will use modern gadgets and innovative approaches for producing, keeping and exchange of investigative media stories between local media outlets across the country and for presenting showcases against journalists’ and media’ malpractice.

Partner intention is to establish a Media Interactive Exchange Hub (MIEH) for the exchange of media content and advocacy independence and integrity of journalists, which will serve as a training area on ethical and journalistic standards. In addition, the project offers networking of media, CSOs and media professionals through the establishment of a Media Content Laboratory with the aim of producing, archiving and sharing research stories within the local media that will be available online (Online Media Library).



Purpose of the task is development of the platform adequate structure that meets the clients’ needs, its production and technical maintenance.


  • The aim for the online platform Media Interactive Exchange Hub (MIEH) proposed in

this TOR is to create an innovative model of networking and media collaboration with the aim of raising the quality of journalism, the more powerful production of investigative stories, and the creation of internal defence tools of different kinds of pressures coming from local politicians party or economical and other interest lobby. Involvement and access to MIEH by media, media organizations and local CSOs will be voluntary, with the possibility of setting up, downloading and using for professional purposes all the contents displayed on the MIEH platform. This MIEH will operate as an excellent IT tool for exchanging news, information and media content, as a communication channel for advocacy and assistance for media freedom and journalists’ rights, as well as for enhancing the quality and credibility of media in local communities. MIEH will also function as a “media library” in which key documents, guide on the EU standards in the area of freedom of expression and manuals, to the development of research journalism, civilian journalism in the interest to public and ordinary people, and online education packages for self-education of journalists and editors, as well as technical staff in local media.

  • Create and launch Media Content Laboratory. It will be the first time that a

“laboratory” will be created in BiH to produce research stories created by journalists’ teams from various media and from whole BiH territory. Media Content Laboratory will be technically located on the previously established online Media Interactive Exchange Hub (MIEH), and will provide space for the production and publication of investigative journalistic pieces that will be available to all registered MIEH members.
Association of Electronic Media in Bosnia is inviting proposals from reputable and qualified individuals/companies with a track record of success in designing and producing digital solutions to develop templates for the online platform.

The templates should provide an original look-and-feel to the platform while displaying the content in an organized, attractive, and user-friendly manner.

For the purpose of establishing MIEH as special IT tools, strategy and implementation plan will be developed that will include the technical and content aspect, the way of posting and downloading media contents, security protection, as well as key journalistic and editorial resources that will serve MIEH on a daily basis.


  • The online platform “MIEH” presents a new visual looks and feature rich platform that provides better experience to users;
  • Support and maintenance: Administrative and technical support, quality control for a period of 6 months after delivery;
  • Basic training for the platform administrators.

Deliverables clause:

Once a person/company is selected, the contract may be amended with a time and materials to capture new specific developments on the site upon request of the BHJA and AEM.


Look and feel

  • Following the Communication and Visibility in EU-financed external actions and BH Journalists Association visibility guide, design a look-and-feel for the online platform MIEH capturing the different functionalities outlined in this TOR. The individual contractor/ company will develop a graphic concept and the visual language of the new templates.
  • Ensure a consistent visual language on the platform by introducing fixed styles in templates ensuring consistency in fonts, formatting, icons, images, layout techniques.
  • The look and feel should be adapted to homepage, sections, subsections and the following components of the site: article template, resource webpage template, publication/guidance webpage template, event webpage template.
  • Standard page elements including header, footer, tabs, persistent navigation, contact us, email and page print options should be included in the templates.
  • The templates should guarantee that most recent content on the site is captured in automatically in the homepage in an organized way following specific categories, tags or other custom taxonomies.
  • All section and subsection webpages should incorporate functionalities to guarantee the latest information on that section and sub-section is displayed (news, resources, publication/guidance, country stories, and events).


  • Based on the agreed templates develop four web sub-sections to the platform MIEH based on, but not limited to the structure, functionalities and features defined in these terms of reference.
  • The subsections webpages should incorporate functionalities to guarantee the latest information on that sub-section is displayed (news, resources, publication/guidance, country stories, events).

Functionalities to include in the new templates 

  • Add feed links;
  • Responsive design;
  • Social sharing features – including twitter share by text selection and twitter feed by handle and hashtag.
  • Multiple page styles and custom post types;
  • Language options feature in resources and guidance templates;
  • Search resources by free text;
  • Signup for latest news;
  • Password protected pages.

Knowledge transfer 

Develop a user manual for the support staff and system administrators to perform content upload, system maintenance and administration.

Support and maintenance 

Support and maintenance: Administrative and technical support, quality control for a period of 6 months after delivery


  • The successful individual contractor/company will participate in a debriefing session with the Project team and other program areas to understand the overall project and expectations.
  • Base on the debriefing session and this TOR, the individual contractor/company will develop a design concept for the platform.
  • The company will adjust concept based on feedback and comments from the Project team.
  • The vendor will develop the visual concept and language for the platform adapting it to the different components outlined in the section “deliverables” and adjusting it based on feedback and comments from the Project team.
  • To create responsive CSS and graphic design elements.
  • Development of web sections and content upload.
  • Test site before going live.
  • The approximate deadlines for this engagement that must be met, and around which the engaged expert and the responsible person in the BHJA and AEM will subsequently agree, are:
Date Scope of the work Estimated number of engagement days
October  2020 Develop a design concept for the platform 10 days
November  2020


Develop the visual concept and language for the platform adapting it to the different component 20 days
December  2020 Develop of web sections and content upload 20    days


Vendor should demonstrate and provide examples of previous experience in the performance of similar services as follows:

  • Be a reputable individual/firm with at least 7 years of prior experience designing visually appealing and navigation friendly web sites;
  • Have a broad knowledge of current web development technologies and design tools in the field
  • Have excellent knowledge of recent trends in graphic design, web sites, including online video publishing, and social media networking;
  • Demonstrate the ability to create innovative and visually appealing design.


The maximum available value for the Media Interactive Exchange Hub is 3.000,00 EUR without VAT, and for the Media Content Laboratory is 1.000,00 EUR without VAT. The financial bid must not exceed this maximum amount.


The content of the information obtained during the engagement of the Expert is subject of protection and is owned by BH Journalists Association. Use of such content, in whole or in part, by third parties without the permission of the owner is not permitted. The use of information is possible and justified only if such use is an integral part of the project activities being implemented.


If you have the required qualifications and are interested in this contract, please submit:

  • A proposal describing the previous work done in this area;
  • A portfolio of previous work of webs with similar functionalities developed by an applicant;
  • CV of the lead developer;
  • A financial proposal to address the work.

The lump-sum fee which you propose for the consultancy should indicate the breakdown of all costs. This fee should be inclusive of ALL considerations.

Please submit proposals to info@aembih.ba  with the subject line: Design and website development of “Media Interactive Exchange Hub” and “Media Content Laboratory” or in person at address “AEM BiH”, Jošanička 55, 71320 Vogošća until 3. October 2020.  at 17:00.