Name of the project:

„There is no free society without freedom of media, there is no freedom of media without credible journalism“

Deadline: Januar 13,2020.


BH Journalists Association and the Association of Electronic Media want to draw attention to political, financial and institutional pressures on the media, which have resulted in a serious violation of the right to freedom of information in local communities. Censorship, pressures, illegal appointments, violations of professional and social rights of media professionals – are only part of existing political strategies and skilled manipulations to local media with negative consequences on the quality and objectivity of media in local communities. Such behaviors are in direct contradiction to EU standards concerning the work of the media in the public interest and on the well-being of all citizens in the community. Journalists and editors of local media are not strong enough to suppress these trends themselves, and legislation is widely set and does not guarantee the prevention of political and other influences on the work of local media. Because of this, BHN and AEM want to bring together the local media community across BiH with the financial support of the EU and network them into a strong professional group that will: analyze the existing legal framework and propose new standards of fair, objective and diverse information in local communities; to strengthen investigative journalism in local media and to increase the links between journalists throughout BiH and to improve the quality and diversity of media content through the formation of production teams, exchange and publication of research stories in local media.

Under the slogans: For free society – free media and Responsible journalism protects media freedoms, we want to give a fast, inclusive and professional response to attempts to completely choke free journalism and public information in local communities. Our intention is to establish a Media Interactive Hub for the exchange of media content and advocacy independence and integrity of journalists, which will serve as a training area on ethical and journalistic standards. In addition, the project offers networking of media, CSOs and media professionals through the establishment of a Media Content Laboratory with the aim of producing, archiving and sharing research stories within the local media that will be available online (Online Media Library).

Works to Be Undertaken in the Design 

  • Creating overall logos, branding or identity (including donor visibility as per EU donor visibility guidelines)
  • Provide and/or purchase, photographs and images for use in design of web portal
  • The vendor will be required to prepare a Proposal for submission

The proposal must contain

  • Designer profile (with experience and qualifications),
  • Proposed cost / Price of the Logo
  • Design details, including;
  • Logo design concepts in hard copy and PDF format.
  • The branding should cover both of the project aspects: free society and free media (or the lack of).

Please send a proposal to our office:

Association of Electronic Media
Jošanička 55
71320 Vogošća
Bosnia and Herzegovina